Sunday, September 15, 2013

Client Business Phases

      BiondiMedia Phase Definitions

Phase 1
Initial Emails Sent
Gmail Account Set Up
Information and Content Received From Client
Keywords Decided
Power points Set Up and Additional Content
Both Blogs Set Up
  • Unique title tag on every page.
  • H1 tag with same or similar text as title
  • content of the page
  • URL’s
  • names of images (and atl text)
  • anchor text of links pointing to page 
Auto Emails To Blogs and Blog Stat Links
Paypal Auto Withdrawal Setup
Keywords Decided
Google Alerts
Approval By Clients

Phase 2
All Sites and Profiles Completed and Interlinked
Interview for video handshake
Pictures for Video Handshake taken and/or Received
Google Docs Folder Set Up
Email Of Links Sent To Client
Local Sites Set Up
Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, InfoUSA, City Search, Super Pages, Insider Pages, Yellow-Pages, Business Directories
Add Local sites page to Blogs
Google Places
All Social Media Sites Set Up
Automated Updating Set Up
Data Page Built For Client With Info and RSS
RSS Feeds to Widgets and Posts Set Up
Client Toolbar Created

Phase 3
Posts Made
Article Directories
Rss Directories
Auto Updating Tested
Zaps Set Up To Connect All Apps
Video Complete and Embedded In All Sites
Google Voice, Chat and Video Conferencing Set Up

Phase 4
Client Contacts Cleaned and Imported To Gmail Database
Email Templates Created
Google Plus Integrated
Newsletter Sent Out

Phase 5
Final Testing Complete
Next 2 Months Blog Posts Approved